ACTS National Conference

Yo’llo (I just made up  that word!)

Just home from our national conference.  Truly it was amazing!   LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE what God is doing through our movement.  We are so incredibley blessed to have leaders who’s hearts are quick to obey God and loves people.  Our national leader, Bruce Monk, has a beautiful way of honoring those who have gone before, those who are doing the hard yards now, as well as championing the generations coming through – Apostolic Fire Brands!

The highlight (as usual) for me was meeting other kidmin people.  I don’t think Revel has ever seen so many children’s pastors in one week!  We looked the coolest eva in our purple t-shirts.  God is raising up some awesome leaders who are building significant kids ministries and have loads to contribute the the kidmin community and more importantly to the local church.  The really exciting part is that some of these people are going to join us on Kids Ministry Revolution!  I’ll introduce you to them over the next few weeks.

Something I’ve learned/relearned is that I only hold a small piece of the puzzle.  When I met with a couple of other leaders this morning and we started to talk, it was like putting our pieces together.  They make a lot more sense when they’re fitted together.

Hanging out with our team was also very cool.  Great to get to know everyone a little better.  The singing from the 1 and a half year old member of our group (and incidentailly the child of our worship pastor)  all the way to the airport (which in Auckland is quite a long way!) was the cherry on top! Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby…


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