3 things to make your service ROCK!

  1. Prepare: go there before the weekend… not physically, but spend some time in God’s presence imagining what it will be like… allow Him to drop things into your heart.  What does He want to say to the kids? Is there a scripture that will unlock something? Capture God’s heart for your kids, He’s more then willing to share it with you.
  2. Plan: goes without saying really.  Make sure you and your team know what you’re doing.  What stuff do you need? When is everything going to happen and who’s responsible.  Nothing kills atmosphare more then an awkward silence in the middle of worship while the worship leader consults the tech person about the next song… hahaha, of course you have no idea what I’m talking about though… If you don’t already use a runsheet then do.  Its really easy.  One colum for the time.  One for what you’re doing and one for who does it.
  3. Pray: before the kiddos start turning up, make some prayer and praise noise with your team!  The kids are going to make noise when they come in, so set the atmosphare in the space and in your team of making a noise to God!  Press into Him on behalf of your kids.  Get desperate to see Him move in their lives.  He can’t wait to turn up at Kids Church on Sunday morning!

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