Some of our kids bring their Bibles to church, most don’t. I still haven’t decided if that’s a bad thing or if it really doesn’t matter (going by the number that end up in the lost property).

We usually just crank out the set of bibles in life groups where they do a devo kinda thing, but in the past few weeks at city we’ve handed them a bible as they walk into LifeKids. It’s been interesting to see how they respond. Every time that someone mentions a bible verse we’ve got a bunch of kids (mainly boys) who are frantically flipping though it to find it, even if its on the screen. They sit down and clutch on to them. Even new kids are totally intrigued by it.

This month in we’ve done a “Bible Battle” each week, a competition between boys and girls to see who can find the verses the fastest. They are certainly faster then they were at the start of the month! Of course it’s not all about looking stuff up, a passion for God’s word goes way deeper then that, but I love seeing our kids getting excited about it.


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