A few random happenings

Hello friends,

Tomorrow I’m flying up to Auckland for our church movements national conference.  I have the privallege of bringing together the kids pastors and leaders, sooooooo excitied about it. Two things that excite me – what God is doing in our movement and kids ministry… put them together… explosive!

Our topic this month has been the the Heart of the Father.  It’s a good one, we’ve adapted David Goodwin’s Discovery Club curriculum.  The content is absolutely brilliant.  I don’t think I’ve seen our kids get such a good grasp on a topic like they have this month.

The highlight for me today was meeting a boy and his mum who came with one of our families.  Sometimes you can just see on a kids face what is happening in their heart and mind the first time they hear the Good News.  It’s so cool,  and a privillage that we should never take lightly.  At the end, he responded and I followed him up.  After church we went to catch up with his mum to show her the follow up stuff and the bible we gave him and told her about how we were talking about what Jesus did for us and that her son had indicated that he wanted to follow Jesus.  I was amazed, even though all this stuff was still new to the mum, she was so excited.  Honestly, it’s the best thing in the world when a kid realises that God is real, He loves them and died for them and wants to be their friend. Salvation is what it’s all about.

Just in case you want to know… my radishes are growing well, just a week or so and we’ll be eating some!  Turns out I may have planted the carrots too early.  Strawberry’s are looking healthy, but the rhubarb is getting eaten, probably slugs. Might have to do something about that when I get back. Haven’t planted potatoes yet… probably won’t be ready for Christmas.

Daylight savings started last night.  Bad because we lost one hour.  Good becuase of more evening sunshine.

OK, time I go before I get anymore random.  Like the fact that I got kitten food instead of adult cat food for my grown up cat.  And I spent last night watching Midsummer Murders with my friends.  Yep.  Possibly wasn’t necessary.


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