Reading through 2 Kings at the mo. So far it’s pretty much it’s about bad kings who keep letting the people worship idols.  An idol is something that isn’t God but they treated it like it was, bringing all sorts of sacrifices, even their own children!   An idol is something that they created with the things God gave them, in their case, wood and clay. God was very very clear in his instruction to NEVER EVER do that.

Sure, we don’t usually create idols from clay or wood and put them in every intersection in town for people to worhip as they drive past, but boy o boy can we have idols!  Things that take up our God space in our hearts, that place where we give Him our first and best, where He is number one, the thing that we spend more of our time thinking about and worshiping.  The things that we use to worship God (our words, money, time etc) we can use to worship these idols.

And these idols, they’re usually made from things that God has actully given us… our jobs, our sleep ins (apraently not an issue for those with kiddies), our relationships, our gardens (in my case!), our abilities etc.

Why did God give His people the command to never ever have idols?  Is it beause He’s insecure?  I’m pretty sure He know’s He’s God!  It’s for our good.  Life just gets way too messy when we have idols.  Things make sense when God is number one.

Do you have any idols? Is there anything that’s slipped from number two to number one in your heart?  I’ve learned that I need to keep checking cause I keep slipping.


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