Connecting with the kidmin peeps in your town

Connecting people is one of my favorite past times.  Since I wLink Logo 1as a kid I had this obsession with church unity.  I’m by no means an expert at this and I’ve got a long way to go, but I have learnt some stuff over the past 7 years…

  1. There is absolutely no need to be isolated in kids ministry. There are others in your area who are dealing with similar stuff.
  2. Not everyone in kids ministry has to become your best friend all at once. Getting together just for the sake of getting together is nice every now and then, but without a real purpose it’s pointless and people stop showing up.
  3. Find one or two that are similar to you and connect with them first. I have the privilege of meeting with Tor, kids pastor at Elim on a regular basis.  We click because we’re from churches with a similar culture.  That and we’re both just plain crazy. She’s become a very good friend.
  4. Connect over a cause. Each year a group of churches in Dundein run an event at Halloween called the Light Party.  It’s amazing what we can do together!
  5. Don’t try to make the little toe hang out with the nose. We’re all a part of a body so we all need to do what we’re designed to do in order for the body to function the way it’s designed.  Sure there are some things that every church regardless of denomination or what ever should be doing (like cell reproducion) but it’s also OK to be different.  It’s OK that not everyone gets on board to help run an event or come to a leaders training seminar.  Rather, I think we’re dumb if we don’t connect where our mission overlaps.  Back to my friend Tor, we’re both from pentecostal churches.  We’ve both got a passion to lead kids into the presence of God, so we work on KidsRock together.  If we tried to buddy with others for the sake of unity we’d end up compromising on what God has called us to do, in order to make others feel comfortable.  Thats actually not unity.
  6. Look for oppertunities to glean. Everyone is an expert at something.  We suck a crafts for example.  And puppets.  But there are people in other churches that we can learn from.  Everyone in the body has got something to offer, no matter how different we are.
  7. Pray. Probably the most effective way we can build unity across churches is to pray for each other. It’s particularly good because it keeps our hearts and attitudes in check. Nough said.

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