God’s Idea

This is something that I need to remind myself of regularly, and I frequently remind my team… what we are doing was not our idea, it’s Gods!  It’s not like we’re cleaver enough to come up with even one of the cool things that we do to draw kids into relationship with God. Every good idea comes from God, so we can’t take cred for anything we do.

Our kids are God’s idea.  Even before they were concieved He imagined them.  An amazing outreach program is God’s idea.  He thought about it way before we ever did.  The creative way that we explain clearly to kids something from the bible in a way that they get it is God’s idea, He’s had it buzzing around in His head for centuries.  Even you and I are God’s idea.  Most definitly a good idea, I mean how good looking are we!

The cool thing about this is that it means that we don’t have to worry.  If it’s His idea then He will supply everything that we need to make that idea happen.


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