Reference Point

Whenever I come across a challenge in kids ministry or find something that we want to do better or put in place, I always end up searching for others who are already doing it.  Which is weird cos God seems to have hard wired me to never do anything like anyone else, so you can guarantee I’ll change it anyway. But I keep looking for a reference point, someone or something to show me how it’s supposed to be done.

In New Zealand there are very few kids ministries that seem to carry the culture of what God has put on my heart.  There are a few popping up and God is starting to bring them together, but there’s only a handful that can really show how it’s done… show what worship looks like with kids, show what kids ministry looks like when we are actually carrying the DNA of our church, show what it looks like for kids to be moving in their spiritual gifts God has given them and serving in His House, as well as drawing their friends into a relationship with Him, and what real leadership, not just management looks like in kidmin.  Don’t get me wrong, there is some significant stuff happening and amazing people doing it, but only a handful resonate with the heart that God has given me. (the ones that do need to be blogging about it by the way… wink wink, you know who you are)

While someone was praying for me earlier in the year, they gave me a word of knowledge that I need to stop trying to grab onto reference points, because there are  none! The things that God is taking us into just haven’t been done before, at least not in my church, my town, in the context of our culture etc.  Those words have been on my mind recently.  God has been challenging me that when I go to grab a reference point from somewhere else, I’m doing it because I’m actually trying to do it in my own strength.  I need to learn to trust Him for all the big ideas, all the small ideas, and even the practical now how to do it.  I need to be leading from revelation, not from a reference point.

The chances are that if God has given you a dream, it’s never really been done before.  Thats cause He’s a God of unlinited creativity, He’s not in the habbit of doing exaclty the same thing twice.


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