Kidshaper Sound

kidshaperlogoWe’re well and truly back in Dunedin after our epic adventure.  Kidshaper this year was phenomenal, I especially enjoyed being able to share it with some of my team and connecting with heaps of amazing other kids ministry people.  I love what God is doing in kids ministry, and I recon that Kidshaper is on the tip of the wave of what He’s up to, that’s why I don’t want to miss a beat!

So this year’s main speaker was Jim Wideman.  If you’re not already a member of The Club then you should be.  Jim is passionate about training leaders in kids ministry.

They said it better then I ever will, so here go some more quotes (there’s more in older posts):

You can’t reach kids based on talents or programs, but on mountian top whispers – Andrew Shepherd

Make noise in the quarry, not in the temple (see 1 Kings 6:7) – Andrew Shepherd

Could your team write a book of your quotes? Great leaders talk about the same stuff all the time – David Wakerley

The time you spend putting into others is never wasted – Jim Wideman

Don’t use people to build the church, use church to build people – Jim Wideman

Prepare don’t plan, you can’t plan your life but prepare for anything – Dave Wakerley

One of the best skills that kids can leave your ministry with is how to filter the media they consume – Dave Wakerley

Anointing doesn’t make up for preperation – Yancy not Nancy!

You are called to represent your leader – Jim Wideman

Your not just called to be  Kids Pastor but to help your pastor by doing what they can’t do.  – Jim Wideman

God presents an opportunity not a position – Jim Wideman

IMG_0493 PS, make sure you register now for Kidshaper 2010 TASTE, it’s going to be huge.  Early bird regos close end of September so be in quick. Make sure you check out the SOUND highlights video


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