Kidshaper Day 2

What a day!  We’ve heard Jim Widman, the general of Kids Ministry and the king of quotes!  Here are a few:

How you think effects who you are and what you do

The key from moving from one level to the next is to change the way you think

Jesus is never late but He’s seldom early!

Assume nothing.  Check everything.  People do what you inspect, not what you expect.


For those who really want to know, Grrove Train is my pick for a good coffee on Bridge Road.  I give it 9/10


I had an amazing day of meeting people and putting some faces to Twitter avatars.  It doesn’t get much better then people!

We just had dinner with all the crew from New Zealand (the best state of Australia) I love those guys!

Thats all for another day, over and out


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