Kidshaper Sound Day 1


The day started early… two early for some.  Last night we stayed with the lovely Hoffman family in Christchurch.  It only really occured to me last night that I’m the only one of our group of five that have been on a plane before… let alone been out of New Zealand.  So as we boarded our plane with the smell of new passports, it was like hanging out with kids, the first time they play in the snow!  The flight was a little bumpy, but we like Air NZ for free food and entertainment!


Upon arrival in Melborne, we took it upon ourselves to take on Aussie names.  I am now travelling with Davo, Eva, Niki, and Kanda.  As for me, the only name that’s really stuck is Sazza.  Blaaaa.

The Coffee

My first report of the trip is a cafe on Claradon St, South Bank.  Nikanda and I had takeaway coffee from there.  I have been well educated by my senior pastor and from a few misunderstandings last yer.  So this time I got straight to the point.  I asked for a Skinny Flat White with and Extra Shot.

Now allow me to break that down for you NZ’s.  By “skinny”, Aussies mean “Trim” or “Green Top”.  By “extra shot” they mean, “we don’t make coffee the way it should be (with two shots unless otherwise requested), so if you require this you will have to ask”.

The coffee itself wasn’t bad.  A little bitter with the first sip, but OK after that.  The milk was a good texture.  I’d give it a 7 out of 10.

The People

This is where things really get exciting!  We’ve met up with the lovely Kahu who decided only yesterday to come.  She’s staying here.  We had dinner with a bunch of Equippers peeps from Auckland, Hawks Bay, and some of their friends from the Gold Coast.  The coolest person I met would have to have been my Twitter friend, Katherine :+)  So cool to finally put a face to the tweets!

The Conference

The reason we’re here!  Last year God really smashed my boxes.  The ripples from that smashing spread right throught my team and the year.  My prayer for my team and myself is that would happen again this year.

Rob talked about the 7 senses… sound, smell, touch, taste, seeing… then balance and spirit.  He shared that God gave us these amazig senses, not just to enjoy life, but to experience Him!  How cool is that!  Balance is a cool one, it only works if the other senses are working.  If you loose your sight, you loose your balance.  If you loose your balance, you fall over.  Jesus is the only one that can really bring that balance in our life, and it happens when we put our attention on Him.  I like it!

It’s only 11pm here, but that means it’s more like 1am back in New Zealand… the place where we got up at 6:30am… which means that I’ve been awake long enough!

I’m totally expecting to meet God again tomorrow.  I really like Him.  He’s quire cool.  I know you think so too!  Looking forward to hearing Jim Widman, so stay tuned to your google reader for tomorrows broadcast!

Over and out


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