KidsRock 09 1+1

Just came out of the most exciting weekend of the year this far… KidsRock Conference.  We’ve seen God break through the boxes and take us to the next level in so many ways.

As kids met their group leaders in the foyer they almost started a riot and large group games were off the charts so when we launched into worship at the start of each session the atmosphare was electric.  Half of the kids were new to the way we do worship but that did’t stop them!  Leading kids into the presence of God through worship is one of the best things in the world!

1+1 was all about sheep (can I hear a baaaa). Ray Thomson (Kids Pastor at Invercargill Christian Centre) spoke about hearing the voice of the Good Shepherd, how the Good Shepherd was willing to do whatever it took to find each one sheep.  Not only that but when we are “found” we also become shepherds, searching for ones.

Tor and I spoke about Peter.  He once was a chicken but filled with the power of the Holy Spirit he had the boldness to tell everyone about Jesus.  When Jesus reinstated Peter he told him to feed and look after His sheep… we to have the responsibility as Jesus’ followers of leading people to Him.

Sunday morning in Church was like no other.  If you want to listen to Ray speak, go here. He challenged kids and adult alike to be like the shepherd who would stand in the door of the sheep fold, be the ones who would stand in the gap for those around us.

Something we added in this year was a session for Boys/Girls. Our youth pastor James Roy talked about swords, bow and arrows to the boys.  He actually bought in these amazing swords for the boys to look at and hold, and this awesome blowpipe archary set to play with and talked about faith from these things.
Shannon Thomson talked to the girls about BEAUTIFUL = being you to the full!  The girls made bracelets with beads to remind them of it.  They also wrote words about who they are in Christ… loved, called, special… and took amazing photos of them holding their word.

Overall, the kids were amazing, their response to the preaching and worship was amazing, the leaders were amazing, the worship team was amazing, the Invercargil team was amazing… and God is amazing!

The next challenge is to really mobalise and empower our kids to go out to find the ones…


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