Hard on youself? Hard on others?

I’ve been challenged recently to think about the expectations that I put on others… mainly the amazing people that I work with. I would like to honestly say that I put high expectation on them because I know they have gold inside and I want to see them bring it out. But the reality is that sometimes it’s because I have put high expectations on myself and as a result bring that down onto my team.

High expectations aren’t bad, but it’s where they come from that matters… which brings us back to the age old question… where do you find your security, in God or in YOU doing and achieving stuff?

Hmm. Now that I think about it, I tend to slowly take back the security that I’ve put in God and put it back into me achieving the things I think He and others want me to achieve.

Good leaders are secure leaders. They know who they are in Christ.  They don’t feel like they need to achieve to be important, and in turn don’t load that onto those they lead.


One Response to Hard on youself? Hard on others?

  1. nealch85 says:

    couldn’t agree with you more on this one Sarah!
    I’ve defiantly done this and will most likely do it again one day. hmmm… I could almost liken you to the ‘Yoda’ of Children’s Ministry! =P

    I think when you tend to put the focus on us from God, It slowly turns our ministry into a ‘works based’ one rather than what it really is and that’s ‘faith based’.
    We can start to train bad habits into ourselves and even into our teams then! ekk!

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