Reproducing Leaders

I had the privilege of going to a leadership mentoring retreat with Margaret Spicer and Sue Miller last week. I’ll post a few thoughts from it as I continue to process them.

One thing that Margaret talked about that has stuck with me is about recruiting. We all know that standing up in front of church telling them that we’re desperate for their help isn’t exactly appealing. We also know that our team are the best people for recruiting because they know the people plus carry the vision for kids ministry.

She said that Life Group leaders could be responsible for recruiting for their Life Group. Of course they will need to be cool with the team leader, but they could bring a friend in as an “apprentice” leader as the group begins to grow. Then by the time it’s too big to be one group, there is a leader primed to take their own.

I like it! Might give it a go on our team.

Have you tried something like this? What works and what are the challenges for you?


4 Responses to Reproducing Leaders

  1. Dan Kyles says:

    That’s how we do it with our ministry 😀

  2. Virginia says:

    Yeah, we’re definitely limiting our ministry if we don’t utilize our volunteers in “replacing themselves” / inviting someone to join them. We’ve really been working on this (it’s not always the easiest – if we’re honest with ourselves it can be easier just “doing it ourselves.”) It’s been a stretching experience for everyone on our team, but our leaders and vols are actually really excited about it! The whole “apprenticeship” idea is something that we’re working on with our key vols….I think it’ll take time & we’re talking about not just “filling” slots, but praying about the right people, taking risks, etc.
    I hope you blog more about this ~ would love to hear your thoughts as you move forward.

  3. gina says:

    I love to target my magnet volunteers. You know… the volunteers that seem to naturally reproduce themselves. They lean toward ‘inclusion’ by involving people around them. People want to hang out with them. These are the best volunteers to target, infuse with vision and lead them to build teams throughout your ministry.

  4. Sarah says:

    Yea those magnets are great. Don’t have to give out loads and loads of energy to get them excited. I found that they are recruiting with out me even trying.

    I talked at team time last week about reproducing ourselves, no matter what “level” we are involved in. Even the kids can be reproducing themselves… showing others around them who Jesus, planting that see and seeing others love Jesus like they do.

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