NZ Music Month – Eight

Us Kiwis are so proud of our music that we’ve dedicated a whole month to it.  Allow me to introduce some of my faves to you…


Let’s start with my all time favorite band.  Even though the members went seperate ways a few years ago to focus on their own projects, their music lives on.

Formed in 1996, Auckland band Eight have been in no rush, instead allowing their music to breathe and take shape over time. This willingness to explore and define their own sound has been rewarded, as Eight’s music is both mature and powerfully dynamic. Their songs capture a variety of moods from enveloping rock radio hits to brooding melodic soundscapes. Read the whole article from

Eight really are amazing.  They could transform the darkest venue in town with an atmosphere of worship with their music.  Some of my most memorable moments of worship were at their gigs.


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