What Would You Do?

If you’ve been doing kids ministry for a while and run conferences for kids you might be able to offer some ideas.

We’ve run a conference for kids called KidsRock for the past two years, and I’m excited about doing it again this July.  KidsRock is about bringing kids from different churches together and creating an environment where they can meet with God and have a life changing encounter with Him.

Last year we decided to open it up to the kids leaders from other churches, the idea being that they have relationship with the kids and they will do after the conference as well.  How cool would it be if their leaders hear the same messages as the kids and are able to keep challenging them about the things that they learnt and experienced at the conference.

However, we discovered that they didn’t carry the same culture that our team carries.  Rather then getting in amoungst their kids and joining in worship they stood around the outside with arms folded and sat on the seats during the teaching times while our leaders sat with the kids and did a bit of “crowed control” as they usually do.

This hugely effected the culture and made it a lot harder for their kids to really step out of their comfort zone and it acutally made it quite intimidating for anyone who was up the front MCing, worship leading or speaking.

The question I would like to put to you is this:

Do you think that having leaders that are already discipleing the kids present at the conference


Would you stick with the leaders that carry the culture but may not already know the kids?

I have a few more ideas of my own but I would like to know yours!  Please leave a comment!

P.S. I’ve also posted this as a CMConnect Forum


4 Responses to What Would You Do?

  1. jabberfrog says:

    I love the event. What a great way to simply get church organizations to work together! In my humble opinion, you should continue with integrating the volunteers from other churches into the event. The relationships fostered at the event hold the greatest potential to a lasting impact on the kids.

    Maybe you could incorporate a volunteer training prior to the event. Written, video or live… you could set the expectation for all the volunteers (yours and theirs) and communicate what you want them to do. This step could impact more than just the KidsRock event. Volunteers from other churches will take what they learn back to their kids ministry and it will be that much better for the kids.

    What a great idea for working with other ministries. Rock on, sister!

  2. […] impact on families.  Sarah is hard at work doing just that.  She shares a little about that here.  Check out her blog and leave some comment love.  Working alongside Sarah, we can help teach […]

  3. princessjes says:

    I agree with jabberfrog…my words exactly. Include leaders from other places but have “training” so they will feel equipped and empowered to lead…chances are they are so resistant because they are not used to it.
    I remember when I started as a volunteer in LifeKIDS.tv I had never experienced anything like it and had a hard time because I wasn’t comfortable doing it myself. Insecurity can cause people to become frustrated.
    If you have the ability and the opportunity to connect and challenge other leaders, churches, etc TAKE IT!!!
    It could definitely be a challenge to change a culture, but such a cool opportunity!

  4. Sarah says:

    Cool, thanks for your ideas.

    We decided to strategically partner with other churches that share our culture and values as a starting point and definitely do training for all the leaders that get involved. As the it gets more established and others know what to expect (particularity in terms of our worship style) we can go wider and invite others on board who feel that it’s their thing.

    Unity happens one link at a time!

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