Quick Update

Hey peeps,

Happy New Year and all that stuff.  Here are some highlithst from the past month and a half…

  • Drop and Shop, our program just before Christmas.  Our first time ever running a fun program for kids while their parents get a break to shop.  Our team worked soooo hard for it.
  • Christmas Eve service, it was awesome to see so many new faces including the family of a girl who came to KidsRock Conference earlier in the year.
  • Christmas with the family, good times as always!
  • Pulling out all the ivy in the back yard, took about 4 days!
  • Southern Cross Kids Camp: I got to be a buddy for an 8 year old girl.  I was literally running all week! It’s an amazing camp not just for the kids but also for the buddies, it really broke me to see how much these kids are in need of Jesus.  They are so hurt, so damaged and in desperate need of healing. www.sckc.org.au
  • Having a full flat for the year, two guys, two girls, two cats and one dog, perfect!  Thank You Jesus!
  • LifeKids Adventure Camp, I didn’t do anything, my amazing team pulled together an incredible camp for our families!
  • The Sun and sea!  I’m loving living near the beach right now.  I will stand up on a board by the end of summer, yes I will!  We are having THE most amazing weather, loving it!
  • Coffee.  nuf said.

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