Coffee in Aussie

It’s hard for me to go anywhere and not comment on coffee.  Last year when I was in Wellington for a few days I sent updates to all my friends about my coffee experiences.  So, here goes my evaluation of coffee in Australia…

My Senior Pastor is from Tasmania, and quite frequently jumps the ditch and spends time over there.  He warned me about the coffee.  How very wise.

First off, in New Zealand (the land flowing with milk and coffee) it would be safe to assume that if you order a coffee it will be two shots, unless of course you are low enough to go to McCafe or Starbucks.  Two shots is the way coffee should be served.  In Australia, this is called strong. On advisement from Ps Paul I specifically requested “two shots” every time I ordered.  “Oh, you mean strong?” replies the barista.  Sure.  Strong. Whatever.

My second observation is that the coffee is generally over extracted.  Coffee extraction should take about 25 seconds and produce about 30ml of coffee plus crema which should be a golden brown colour.  When coffee is over extracted it looks darker, less crema and tastes burnt and bitter.

Finally, the quality of the milk dissapointed me (in all except one cafe).  It seems that our definition of “flat white” may be a little different.  The milk in a flat white should be smooth velvet-like.  One cafe I went to had milk with absolutly no texture at all, other then a few bubbles on top!

You may be woundering what was the one cafe hit the spot!  That would be Groove Train in Richmond.  I would give it 4 stars out of 5.  Like all of my coffee experiences in Melbourne I did have a few over extracted ones from there, but otherwise satisfactory!


2 Responses to Coffee in Aussie

  1. Cha says:

    I don’t drink coffee so it’s no problem but I just had to agree that the Groove train is awesome. I had the bestest pizza there! Hot chocolates more my cuppa tea 🙂

  2. Rob says:

    I was never a big coffee drinker until I lived in Sydney for a year. Boy do I miss a good cuppa! I had just gotten used to ordering coffee there and then I moved back to America and had to re-learn it.

    Flat white…long black…all made sense there.

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