I’ve know about this resource website for a while, even used the odd resource from it, but at Kids Reach this weekend I’ve realized just how amazing it is. Max7 is like the “open source” of kids ministry. It was started by the amazing Kingdom-minded people at Logosdor with the intention to resource those who work with kids, particularly in parts of the world where resources are few and far between.

Check it out if you haven’t already. There are some fantastic videos among other resources that you can use with your own kids. But also, if you are creating your own stuff, making up exciting games, object lessons, videos, songs, whatever, consider sharing it. Sure it wont make you famous or rich (not anyone in kids ministry really does!) but it’s not about us, it’s about God’s Kingdom.


One Response to Max7

  1. Mal says:

    Hi there, glad to hear that you are enjoying Max7, and glad to hear that you were challenged by Si (hope that you liked Waffle as well!) Thanks also for listing Max7 on your blog. Just to let oyu know the URL is (no au) thanks

    Mal (and Waffle!)

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