Yet another blog!

Okey dokey…

I thought I might publish some of my thoughts and ideas about kids ministry, give my poor workmates and flatties a break!

Enjoy reading, and I look forward to your comments!

Miss Sarah


2 Responses to Yet another blog!

  1. What is a “Flattie”? And just curious how does a blog site get added to your blogroll? What do you look for?

  2. Sarah says:

    “Flattie” is short for Flatmate, NZ equivalent to Room mate or house mate!

    I’ve added blogs to my blog roll that I read (some more then others) because I find them encouraging. There’s something that they’re doing that I like, as a youngie in this this business I look up to!
    They reflect the culture in kids ministry that I like, so I hope that those who read my blog would also find then valuable.

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